About Fergus and Bronte – The Indie Kitchen Dogs

Fergus and Bronte live in a Cornish Cottage, near a beach, which is the home of the music project called Indie Kitchen.

Fergus along with his old and departed friend, Spud was present at many special music sessions with the likes of Professor Green, Emily Barker, Ward Thomas to name a few.

As a passionate ball player, Spaniel x Collie, Fergus has ‘helped’ with many mini beach cleans at Praa Sands, Gwithian and other Cornish beaches on his regular walks. Fergus celebrated his 12th birthday recently, but luckily no one has told him he isn’t a puppy anymore!

Bronte is the newest addition to the Indie Kitchen family, although she is now 2 years old and as obsessed with tennis balls as Fergus – she’s been taught well.


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